Pepper Attack Passive NFT Gains Move To Polygon

Last we checked in on the Pepper Attack game they were close to selling out their OG “Mythic” Peppers that grant you passive income forever.

Now they move to the Polygon network for low transaction fees and even better returns!

Don’t miss their limited Polygon sale!


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:07 Welcome Deacon Z
0:00:37 About Deacan Z
0:03:42 Move To Polygon
0:06:04 Asked Comunity For Help=
0:07:36 Peppers Listened
0:09:17 Staking Peppers
0:11:28 Staking, Mining And Marketplace
0:13:04 Inside Out
0:14:20 The Math Guys
0:15:55 Any Last Words?

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They call it Black Rock. An ancient ruin carved into the top of a towering mountain by the whispering breezes of the wings of Angels. Created for one purpose, to seal the Underlord of the Old World within. For centuries, the unassuming people of Pepperland enjoyed peace and prosperity in the shadow of the towering mountain, enjoying a tranquil balance beneath its safety and shadow… until three years ago when something changed. The silence and security of the peaceful valley were broken by the sounds and sight of powerful monsters that spawned from the ruin and rapidly rampaged the land.
Fearing the near-inevitable awakening of the Underlord, the five Pepper clans prayed to their Mother Gaia for her pity and mercy. Their faithfulness touched the ears and heart of Mother Gaia, and she blessed them with the magic to open the Summon Gate to the Mythical World. A world where only the humble can summon the aid of the 10,000 Mystic Peppers to challenge the Underlord himself.
A Pepper can go on an adventure to explore the Pepper World. While they are on the journey, they may encounter wild monsters and discover hidden treasures.
The player has a chance to receive some rewards after clearing a checkpoint. Rewards can be potions, boosters, treasure, MYTE, relics, and other treasures.
A Pepper’s stamina is calculated based on its max HP and DEF. When running out of stamina, Peppers will return to Pepperland and will need to rest until their stamina is full again. Peppers can regain their stamina immediately with Stamina Potions.
During the adventure, Peppers may encounter some wild monsters. They can choose to defeat these monsters for some rewards, or they can try to run away. The higher EVA, the higher chance a Pepper can sneak through a monster, but it is not guaranteed that they can escape all the time. At major checkpoints, there is no escape option. The Peppers must defeat the monster there to unlock the next floor. HP Potions will be consumed if they are available. If Peppers runs out of HP during a fight, their stamina becomes zero, and they are sent back to Pepperland.
There will be daily and weekly events that give various rewards to the top-ranking players. Rewards will be structured in brackets. For instance, Top 1, Top 2, Top 3, Top 4-10, Top 11-50, Top 51-100 and Top 101-1000.
Adventure Contest: Ranking players based on the farthest adventure checkmark they clear during the contest.Power Contest: Ranking players based on the power they gain during the contest.Slayer Contest: Ranking players based on the quantity and difficulty of monsters they defeated during the contest
Pepper Arena
As a warrior race, Peppers honor power and bravery above all things. Powerful warriors will protect the citizens from the Underlord, and brave explorers bring prosperity to the land. Pepper Arena is where the mightiest Peppers battle each other to find out who deserves the Pepper Champion title.
To enter the arena, the player needs a team of at least 5 Peppers. Each Pepper can attack once per day. The first five attacks come with a 1-hour cooldown. After completing one, the player has to wait 1 hour to continue the next one. Pepper can attack extra times by using items such as Golden Horn and Mystic Eye.
Black Rock